The Africa Women Want Beyond 2015

‘The Post 2015 Agenda is a critical issue for African citizens and civil society organizations at every level and more so, for African women, youth and other marginalized groups. As a result, it is critical that women organizations across Africa ensure that the Post 2015 consultations are driven, influenced and shaped by the voices and experiences of the millions of African citizens who often go unheard.’
FEMNET, The Africa We Want: A Call to Action for African Women’s Organizations and Activists on the Post -2015 Development Agenda
Women of Africa call upon African governments to prioritize:-
1. A transformative goal on gender equality built on the premise of a human rights approach to development that seeks to:-
a) End all forms of sexual and gender based violence faced by all women and girls by 2030;
b) Ensure women and girls have access to, control over and ownership of productive resources including land, credit, energy, information and technology;
c) Ensure 50% representation of women in decision – making across all sectors by 2030; and
d) Recognition, redistribution and remuneration for unpaid care work for women and girls
2. Eliminate legal, social and economic barriers that prevent women and girls from accessing their sexual and reproductive health rights as well as integrated services.
3. Gender mainstreaming throughout all proposed goals that would lead to social, economic and environmental transformation, achieved through identifying specific gender targets as well as disaggregated gender sensitive indicators that would curb the persistence of gender inequalities, discrimination and unequal development progress between women and men, girls and boys.
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