FEMNET’s Strategic Plan (2020 – 2029) responds to the current needs and priorities of women and girls and the expectations of future generations. It is also a culmination of an internal reflection of the milestones we celebrate and the persistent challenges in our 32 years Herstory journey, as well as a deep and authentic consultations with our members and partners on the following  critical core questions:

  • How can the lives of women and girls in Africa be enriched both at policy level and individually?
  • How can equity become a reality for the women and girls in Africa?
  • For exponential results, where should FEMNET secretariat and membership put more emphasis/ focus in the women’s rights discourse in the next 10 years
  • What institutional structures and capabilities will ensure a vibrant FEMNET network implementing this strategic plan?

The Plan covers the next ten years, 2020-2029, and becomes the basis for growing FEMNET to greater heights both for its members and institutionally, providing a clarity of intention and focus areas; inclusivity of members; redefining and reclaiming spaces and working with measurable deliverables. The core mandate of FEMNET is to amplify the voice and the needs of women in Africa.  For this period the work aims to extend to all the fifty-five countries in Africa divided into five regions of North, South, East, West, Central Africa.

FEMNET’s long-tem vision is “African women and girls to thrive in dignity and well- being free from patriarchal and neo-liberal oppression and injustices”.

This Strategy highlights critical elements in pursuing this vision, including:  one, FEMNET remains focused on the rights of women and girls with expectation that this work will deliver progress towards enhancing the dignity and well-being of women and girls in the African continent. Two, the strategy is dedicated to ensure that the Network remains relevant and resonates with members and constituents needs and aspirations. Finally, the soul of FEMNET, the identity, the spirit and purpose for which FEMNET exists as a pan-African feminist network, are key aspects that will be enshrined in this Strategy.

For a copy of the Strategic Plan, send an email to admin@femnet.or.ke

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