Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment Through Gender Responsive Trade Agreements Experiences

Trade has become an important tool for poverty reduction and economic transformation, political and economic cooperation and international diplomacy. Women, who make up a significant proportion of the population, bear the brunt of poverty, continue to be marginalized in social, economic and political processes, and have not been deliberately, systematically and sustainably targeted in Trade Arrangements (TA) and trade negotiation processes. A critical analysis of the implications of these TAs on gender and women’s economic empowerment would provide opportunity to review their usefulness as effective tools for gender-responsive economic transformation and equitable poverty reduction.
This report is based on the research done by FEMNET to assess the extent to which trade arrangements between African countries and the European Union facilitate African women’s economic empowerment and realization of their economic rights.
Download the Economic Empowerment Through Gender Responsive Trade Agreements Experiences

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