Mind the Gender Gap – Post 2015 Position Paper

This position paper has been prepared by the African women’s rights regional steering group on the post 2015 development framework comprising, FEMNET, AAWORD, EASSI, WiLDAF-WA, Southern African Development Community (SADC) Gender Protocol Alliance, Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA) in partnership with International Planned Parenthood Federation – African Regional Office (IPPF-ARO), Oxfam and Urgent Action Fund – Africa. This paper builds on discussions from the African women’s regional consultation in Monrovia on October 21 – 22, 2012. It aims to provide the basis for further discussions with civil society formations in Africa around the post 2015 development framework as well as foreground an acceleration plan for the implementation of gender commitments within the current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In particular, we hope that this position paper will be useful during ongoing national, regional and international consultations on post 2015 Development framework. It is hoped that these discussions will help in furthering the development and prioritization of women’s rights concerns in the post 2015 development framework. This paper is structured around two major sections. The first section offers an understanding of the major conceptual gaps in the formulation of the MDGs and how this has in turn impacted on both the ability and commitment to meeting gender priorities. In view of the 2015 expiration date, concise recommendations are offered to aid the acceleration of what we define as ‘minimum’ gender commitments. The second section focuses on the post 2015 development framework by laying down the lowest common denominators both in terms of conceptual imperatives for a new development framework and gender priorities after 2015.
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