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Following the ‘Strengthening African Women’s Voices in the Post-2015 Processes Regional Conference held in June 2014 in Kampala, Uganda, two media professionals in attendance share their reflections/ thoughts on the improtance of effective communication and media engagement in the Post-2015 processes.
Susan Amu opines….“communication is a vital element that is consistently ignored or given very little attention in development debates and interventions. This is indeed unfortunate because we all know that communication is at the heart of any sustainable development agenda. It is through effective communication processes that information is able to flow through to people. Effective communication is necessary to build relationships, engender debates, to facilitate choices, to enable informed decision, to help build alliances and accelerate and generate meaningful change.”
Jane Godia stresses….“Every information provided through both electronic and print media whether positive or negative leaves a lasting effect on the consumers. What organisations and individuals need to do is to have not only a Communications Strategy but within it also incorporate a Media Strategy.”
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