African Climate Justice Activists Tell AU: “We Demand Action!”

A fiery statement from the African Movement of Movements Space echoed through the halls of the African Union, igniting a call for radical transformation. Representing diverse cultures and communities, the Movement of Movements delivered a message to AU leaders; address the intertwined crises of climate change, gender inequality, and economic injustice, or face the consequences of inaction. 

“This is not business as usual,” declared Mohamed Adow, founder of Power Shift Africa. “Africa is burning, both literally and figuratively. We need decisive action, not more empty promises.” His words resonated with the movement, fuelled by the stark reality of climate change and energy poverty plaguing the continent. 

The statement wasn’t just a cry for help; it was a blueprint for a better future, and it was declared on behalf of voiceless Africans who could not make it in the AU space but remain disproportionately impacted by the multiplier effects of climate change. 

Central to this, a call for gender equality and the recognition of the rights of women and young girls was also declared by Anne Tek, the Climate Justice Coordinator form the African Women’s Development and Communications Network (FEMNET). 

“Despite international agreements,” stated Anne Tek, “African women and girls have remained sidelined in the course of justice, their rights violated, and their contributions ignored in the current economic crisis. ” Anne Tek also noted that their exclusion exacerbated gender disparities and deepened their existing vulnerabilities. 

Additionally, Dean Bhebhe of Don’t Gas Africa said, ” Climate change adds another layer of suffering, with women bearing the brunt of its effects. This reality warrants attention because fossil fuels are not the answer,” Bhebhe also said, “Let’s ditch destructive extraction and embrace Africa’s abundant solar and wind resources. It’s a win-win for our people and the planet.” 

The demands reverberated throughout the statement, echoing through the voices of diverse activists. Fadhel Kaboub, of Africa’s Independent Experts Group on Just Transition and Development, urged “radical action, not band-aid solutions,” highlighting the need to dismantle systems that perpetuate inequalities. 

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