I Speak 4 Myself Volume II

In 2022, FEMNET launched the #ISpeak4Myself campaign with the objective of creating a safe, brave space for African girls and young women in all their diversity. The space not only nuanced the authentic voices of the Girls and Young Women (GYW) but also reinforced their agency through conversations.

The one-of-a-kind campaign recognized that girls and young women are not a monolith and experience a manifold of overlapping sources of oppression. Their struggle for rights is deeply impacted by and connected to racial prejudice, social injustice, gender imbalances, migration injustices, climate injustice, among others.

It is against this backdrop that the #ISpeak4Myself campaign reclaims the power of African Girls and Young Women and enables them to rewrite their stories through compelling pieces that tell their own stories through words, pictures, music and dance.

Taking into consideration that FEMNET is the home of her stories, the ensuing pages mainstream our intersectional approach centred on the diverse needs, and experiences of African Girls and Young Women. The stories are conveyed as poems, paintings, photographs, personal journals and articles. Reviewing them will l make you ponder and reflect about untold realities.

The 2022 African Women’s Journal honours the expertise, experiences and realities encountered by African girls and young women. Taking into consideration that her stories have often been silenced by histories, the following pages seek to progressively initiate the feminist ideas that break the discriminatory systems that African Girls and Young Women live in.

The stories will make you not only ponder but also appreciate the contribution of African Girls and young women to the development agenda.

Download your copy here #ISpeak4myself Volume II 

Click here to read the messages by the girls and young women during the #I Speak4Myself campaign. For more information on how FEMNET collaborates with Girls and Young women via the She Leads project and #ISpeak4Myself campaign email Esther Nyawira via e.nyawira@femnet.or.ke  and Muthoki Nzioka via p.nzioka@femnet.or.ke

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