Factsheet: Sexual reproductive health and rights at a glance – Mozambique

Mozambique has ratified numerous regional and international agreements in order to support reproductive health. Since the early 2000s, Mozambique has changed a number of discriminatory laws and added a number of new provisions to reinforce the country’s laws governing social protections, equality, and non-discrimination. The 2011 SRHR Policy addresses the overall SRHR areas, however critical gaps exist in the areas of sexual health, menstrual health, fertility management, menopause, adolescent SRHR, teenage pregnancy, sex work, and harmful practices, and comprehensive sexuality education. Mozambique has updated its laws and regulations regarding GBV, child marriage, family
planning and contraception, and the penal code. However, some policies are outdated and need to be renewed including domestic violence, human trafficking, the SRHR, and HIV and AIDS policies. All laws and regulations need to be examined to make sure they are in line with the changes made by the 2019 Penal Code. In the pertinent thematic areas, the changes are addressed together with their effects.

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