Policy Brief Highlights from the Zambia Fair Tax Monitor Gender Analysis

The Zambia Fair Tax Monitor Gender Analysis received substantial input and contribution from various relevant stakeholders.

In this regard, CUTS wishes to thank Mr. Martin-Brehm Christensen (Oxfam Novib), Mr. Ishmael Zulu (Tax Justice Network Africa) and Ms. Engwase Mwale (NGOCC) for the invaluable contribution made to the report. CUTS also values the input from Government Ministries and institutions in the validation process. This includes the Ministry of Finance and the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).

Zambia can be found in the UN category of least developed countries (LDCs) and had in 2021 a nominal GDP per capita of USD 974, and had in 2020 a poverty rate of 60.4 percent. Zambia’s GDP has been characterised by steadily declining growth rate since 2010 and growth prospects for the future medium term uncertain.

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