Back to Normal is Not Enough – 2022 SDG Gender Index

The 2022 SDG Gender Index sounds the alarm on gender equality, revealing that global progress has been slow and marginal – at
best – over the past five years. Less than a quarter of countries are making ‘fast’ progress towards gender equality, while a third are making no progress or, worse still, are moving in the wrong direction.

Efforts are being made to make the world more gender equal, but this is happening far too slowly. As a result, we are not on track to
meet the 2030 deadline for the achievement of gender equality as demanded by the SDGs. The new SDG Gender Index – the most comprehensive global index available to measure gender equality – finds that progress in some regions and countries and on key gender issues has stalled or shifted into reverse gear. This 2022 edition of the Index, developed by the EM2030 partnership, provides data from 2015 and 2020 to build a picture of progress (or the lack of it) on gender equality.  Here’s the online calculator:

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