Feminist Trade Policy: Report of AFMA 2020

In 2020, the African Feminist Macroeconomic Academy (AFMA) went online… With a new online portal and content created by Masego Madwamuse and Fatimah Kelleher, participants took part in a two-week workshop from 9 November – 23 November 2020. AFMA 2020 included 133 registered participants from 28 countries throughout the continent. 63 completed the course.

The content included three modules: 1) An Introduction to Macroeconomics, created and facilitated by Masego Madwamuse, 2) An Introduction to Trade Using a Feminist Lens and 3) The African Continental Free Trade Area, both created and facilitated by Fatimah Kelleher. The participants had 3-4 days to complete each module and each module was followed by a live session where the facilitators took the participants through the content and facilitated discussions and participant questions.

The modules included video and audio lectures, slides, illustrations, images, quotes, assignments, supplementary outside content and video music breaks! The online portal had a chat room where participants could engage with each other at anytime during the two-week course. This report is a peek into the two weeks of learning and discussions that took place during AFMA 2020.

Click Here to Download & Read the Feminist Trade Policy: AFMA 2020 Report

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