On this #DayOfTheAfricanChild Teenage Girls Plead for Justice

I plead for justice!!!

In these days we live in the world

That has too much to hold

And millions to unfold

But why? why is everyone not bold

Bold enough to see these girls

Crying out pain

Enough to see them suffering

Bold enough to see them craving for their rights!!!

I plead for justice!!!

What world do we live in,

Where raping happen

What world do we live in,

Where racist and criminals are awaken

What world do we live in,

Where girls are beaten, broken

And not even a single action has been taken.

I plead for justice!!!

The length of these injustice practices can never be compared to the strength of these girls going through the pain and cryings in their fresh eyes.

This is why we are demanding

This is why we are seeking

This is why we are speaking,

Out for them to get this justice as everyone else gets.

I plead for justice!!!

Justice for us to give them

Peace not problems,

For us to help them reach their dreams not drawbacks

And also to give them goals not gaffe,

But where is our government

Where is our community

Where is everyone! To do this.

I plead for justice!!!

I plead because you need to hear this sound

Seeking from the ground,

For justice to be found,

Because I want better actions,

Not only for my nation

But for my future generation

For it to erase the destruction.

Ohhh! Justice where have you been

For all this to be seen and for us to win

I plead for you because I want peace

I plead for you because I want equal rights

I plead for you because I want better actions for these teenage girls


Poem by Doricas Kinyonga, Tanzania

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