Gender Transformative Budgeting – A guide for Pan African Parliamentarians

The African Women’s Development and Communication Network, FEMNET, recognizes the legislative role that African parliamentarians play in ensuring the executive is held to account within the African Union. Additionally, the Pan African Parliament (PAP) plays an advisory, oversight and consultative task. In light of this, FEMNET conducted training with the Pan African Parliament – specifically targeting the Monetary and Financial Affairs Committee whose mandate is to:

  1. Examine the draft estimates of the Parliamentary budget and submit to
  2. Discuss the budget of the Union and make appropriate recommendations.
  3. Examine and report to Parliament on the problems involved in the implementation
    of the annual budget.
  4. Assist Parliament to execute its role of establishing sound economic, monetary
    and investment policies.

The training built the capacity for PAP members to understand the landscape and impact of neoliberal macroeconomic policies on women and girls of Africa. It also showed tangible examples of how gender responsive budgeting on the specific area of the care economy can be transformative in economies of the global south.
It is out of this process and from this critical collaboration that this publication; Gender Transformative Budgeting – A guide for Pan African Parliamentarians was formulated.
FEMNET is appreciative of this collaboration with FOWODE (Forum for Women in Democracy – Uganda) supported by Oxfam. Click here to Download/ Read the Gender Transformative Budgeting: A Guide for Pan-African Parliamentarians

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