Claiming Critical Platforms for the Good of Africa’s Women and Girls – FEMNET Jan to May 2019 E-Bulletin

In this period in 2019, FEMNET continues to make progress against persistent gender discrimination, violence against women & girls and shrinking civic space towards the achievement of fundamental rights and freedoms for Africa’s women and girls. The battle continues regardless of the small gains we make. We are ever motivated as we continue to amplify the voices of women and girls and consistently ensure that the women’s rights agenda is at the fore of local, national, regional and global decisions and organizing. This year, we have also increased and strengthened our partnership and memberships in dismantling power structures and systems that legitimize and normalize the oppression of women and girls.
Pursuant to this, we have ventured into new spaces, pushed through closed doors that were hostile towards feminist actualization and affirmed the rights of women and girls in Africa to both the local and global frontiers. As FEMNET, we are forward marching with our struggles like never before!
Take a look at some of our 2019 highlights thus far as we urge you to continue journeying with us in our pan-Africanist, feminist quest for total gender equality and women’s emancipation.



This E-Bulletin has been produced with the financial support of FEMNET’s development partners including the Embassy of Sweden in Lusaka, Zambia and the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of FEMNET and do not necessarily reflect the views of our development partners’.

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