Growth for Whom? A Pan-African Feminist Reflection on Macro Level Economic Policies

In creating economically just and secure feminist futures, FEMNET’s Head of Advocacy, Crystal Simeoni reflects on the impact of current neoliberal macro-level economic policies in Africa and how they affect women’s lives – highlighting FEMNET’s four-pronged approach of a transformative intervention for women’s economic empowerment:-
CAPACITY BUILDING – Building the capacity of women’s rights organizations and activists to understand and articulate macro-level economic policy through a feminist analysis.
KNOWLEDGE GENERATION – Advocating for governments to collect data that is disaggregated by sex but also by geographic location, economic income, ethnicity, religion, etc. as well as ensuring the inclusion of qualitative data in
their data sets. Under this strategy, FEMNET is also working with women’s rights actors to produce data and knowledge that can be used for evidence-based advocacy
ADVOCACY – FEMNET ensures that the pan-African women’s movement is present in mainstream economic policy spaces at all levels as well as gender spaces and bringing a feminist analysis of macro level economics to these respective spaces at local levels all the way to global spaces.
CROSS SECTIONAL MOVEMENT BUILDING – FEMNET has begun work to ensure there is co-created work and analysis between women’s rights actors and feminist economists to ensure that alternative models are grounded in academic rigour as well as bed-rocked in lived realities.
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This paper was first published here by the AWDF. FEMNET acknowledges and appreciate the solidarity and sisterhood within our partnership with AWDF.

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