We are watching you!

We know it when a man craves undeserved attention.  We can smell an inflated ego from miles away. We have been born and bred amongst the most misogynistic of men, shackled and strapped tightly around cultural and societal bondage which in reality have claimed hundreds of thousands of our sisters.
We know what the journey feels like. We have lived it. We have walked it.  We still live it albeit differently now.  In that seat of power you occupy, be informed that women of Africa – women of the world know the implications much better that you may care to spell-out!
We saw it in your sexist derogatory comments and statements to women like us in different platforms. We cringed and winced as you spewed body-shaming and demeaning attributes for the simple reason that they were women. We are watching you!
With every narcissist remark you made about women – any woman, you became a marked enemy to the women of Africa.  You became the stray hound of the park. And because of this, we are watching you – We will keep watching you until you understand that Women’s rights are not negotiable!
We marked you, not with hate, because hate diminishes us to your pathetic level. We watched you with venomous anger and we marked you with unwavering determination to fight even further against your bigoted selfish ideologies and all those of your kind.
We are watching you. We will keep watching you for as long as you occupy this powerful office in the land. Our eyes will not wander from you because there is too much of liberties at stake under your reign to afford you the liberty to trample all over us.  It has taken us years of struggle, push and shove to garner gains across the world –  to push for equality for women across board and no, we are not about to let go so easily! That is why we will watch closer than ever, more intensely. We will bore into your conscious until you can fully comprehend the magnitude of just who we are.
Like it or not, we are watching you. Even though you are not exactly easy on the eye to our liking, we will still watch you, all of us – billions of us, all of us!  You know what? Three decades back, women in Africa and across the world were not where they are today. We have crawled, we have staggered, we have walked, we have run and we keep running – running for what is rightfully ours and running everyone out of town who might dare to block us from achieving this goal. We run them all out of town; the rapists, the sexists, the cultural bigots, the misogynistic pigs, the women haters and batterers, the oppressors and gender dictators, we go for them and we eventually flatten them to nothingness.
Trust us. Believe us. Hell hath no greater furry than all of us together from all corners of the globe hurdling to watch you – to keep watching you.
We watched as you belittled, demeaned and disparaged the strong woman who bravely challenged your assent to the White House. Well, we out here in Africa and the rest of the world are “that woman” and we are watching you and we will stalk you, snoop around you, hound you and dance on the back of your conscious until you will understand that women are as equal as any man can be!
The one-million women’s march was just the beginning. You may not see us in the streets now but believe us when we say, we are marching on. We never stopped. We keep marching on; through your conscious, ripping through your boardrooms and frustrating your policies at the pinnacle of change, we are marching on!
Today we watch you, tomorrow we watch you even more. Women of the world are determined. We will protect our gains. We will enhance our liberties. We will safeguard our freedoms and nobody, absolutely nobody has the right to mess with them. Never forget that.
Now repeat this statement slowly; we…are…watching…YOU!

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