Add your voice to the #FightInequality Shared Vision and collectively build a global people powered movement

A massive global struggle is growing to fight inequality – We’re helping shape it and you can too
With inequality reaching levels not seen for a century there is a need for urgent action, but there is already cause for optimism. Around the world, extraordinary people are fighting inequality – from women garment workers in Bangladeshi factories fighting for the living wage; to youth activists in Zambia fighting for mining companies to pay their fair share of tax that funds public schools and health clinics; to indigenous communities fighting to prevent fossil fuel companies destroying their land.
A Fight Inequality Alliance is growing to stand in solidarity with their struggles. It’s building a Shared Vision that will articulate how we can bring struggles together and go further to counter the excessive concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a small elite and achieve a just, equal and sustainable world.
We’re excited. We believe such an alliance to fight inequality is aligned to our goals, and has the potential to be a significant force for change to help us reach them.
Through Advancing Accountability : Reducing Gender Inequalities initiative, FEMNET aims to help combat levels of inequality in Africa’s economies and encourage African governments to adopt and apply policies that ensure resource distribution benefits poor women and men by working in collegial with other organizations within the fight Inequality Alliance. This is timely, as there is increased political attention – especially in Africa – for solutions to Tax evasion & avoidance, the growth potential offered by Extractives, and the risks of Inequality.
We need your help to build a Shared Vision of what we need to do to fight inequality together. Transformational and locally relevant solutions are needed. Get involved and tell us what you think needs to be done! Your unique perspective is vital.
Have your say on the Fight Inequality vision from 18th Oct
This inequality explosion is one of the biggest crises of our generation, threatening human progress.  We can only turn this around if we come together and take action. We bear witness to a growing gap between the richest and the rest of society reach extremes not seen in a century. We bear witness to the devastating impacts of an unjust economic system in the lives of people around the world, and on the climate. The economic, ecological and human rights crises we face are intertwined, reinforcing and exist at both national and international levels.
National alliances to fight inequality are growing
Like-minded national civil society organizations, activists and social movements are debating what inequality means to them locally, and how people power can shift it.
To read about why we believe the national alliances are so important, what’s happened so far, what’s coming next, or to contact a national volunteer focal point in your country to join or help plan a national discussion, follow this link.
If you’d like to become a national volunteer focal point, email with your name, role, organizational name (where relevant), country and city.
Join in the Global Week of Action to Fight Inequality
A Global Week of Action to Fight Inequality will be held around 14 – 21 January 2017, around the time of the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos. It will use the heightened media focus around that time to be visible and vocal in our fight against inequality, to show that we’re growing and credible with a progressive, realistic and exciting vision to counter the solutions of the powerful 1%. Planning will get heavily underway as the Shared Vision takes shape. For now please put it in your diaries and workplans, alert the people that lead your communications, and look out for upcoming further information.
The next six months from Oct 2016 to March 2017 will be a critical phase.
The vision conversation is now live and will run until 14 November 2016.  Please share it with your colleagues and allies so we can make it even better.
Have your say on the Fight Inequality vision from 18th Oct

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