The Africa We Want – AWJ Issue VII

Much of the global development in the past decade and a half has been pegged on the Millennium Development Goals that came to be in 2000 with an expiry date of 2015. As 2015 approaches, efforts are underway to shape a global development agenda – the Post 2015 agenda – one meant to be inclusive, consultative and participatory.  This agenda also encompasses work around the proposed Sustainable Development Goals, which emerged from Rio+20. As the world deliberates on these agendas, Africa is keen to shape her own – dubbed Agenda 2063. It comes at an opportune time with celebrations of 50+ years of independence, pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance.
In 50 years, what kind of Africa can we envision, and then proceed to achieve? What is the world that we want? Not only for ourselves, but for our children, and their children’s children (if we choose to have them). What are our non-negotiables? What agenda will see us truly transforming the worlds in which we live? What would it take to realize our visions? What factors will enable us not simply to survive, but to thrive?
The seventh edition of the African Women’s Journal will seek to address such issues.
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