My Experience at the 58th Session of the CSW

This was my ‘first’ CSW. First in the sense that the previous one I attended was a totally different experience where I got to plan a side event, attend a couple more and then leave. This experience however was completely different. My colleague and I traveled a week before CSW to participate in a number of meetings. We were privileged to speak at the Open Working Group 9 which was focused on an analysis of the 19 focus areas proposed by the Co-Chairs to inform the next development framework.
This opportunity was made possible as FEMNET is a member of the Women Major Group, one of the nine major groups formed through Agenda 21 to ensure civil society engagement. This is critical as has been said before, “Development cannot be achieved by governments alone.” We articulated the missing link in the 19 focus areas on ‘women’s rights’, ‘SRHR’ and ‘unpaid care’ and also used this opportunity to reiterate our call for access, control over and ownership of resources as well as the importance of gender parity and decision making for women in both the public and private sphere.
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