Justice delayed is Justice denied #Njeri'sJustice

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In Kenya, this year’s, V-Day’s International Women’s celebration was marked by the hosting of Vagina Monologues show at Alliance Francaise in memory of Njeri, a 19 year old girl whose justice is yet to be served. Njeri was raped, murdered and found dead stark naked on June 2013 in Kikuyu. According to the post-mortem, she was raped, stabbed 12 times including the neck, back, thighs and legs. The accused was released on bail.

Justice delayed is Justice denied: This court case has been adjourned several times for the past 2 years. With the recent reports of rape and assault incidences in corridors of power, it is our hope that the law will take the course and justice will prevail. The sense of confidence in the courts is essential to maintain the very fabric of the society and the delay of the justice system to serve justice destroys that confidence and may even drain a just judgment of its value. In the larger sense, the public may come to believe that the justice system cannot fulfill its primary function to protect its society.
Despite the adjournments, we have not forgotten Njeri and we are calling members of the public to attend the court hearing dates as a show of confidence that the wheel of justice will roll faster and justice will be served. The Court hearing dates are scheduled for 30th March 2015 and 2nd April 2015 at Milimani Courts at 9am.

Other courts case that we are following up on: Kayole stripping case Ruling will be delivered on April 1 at Makadara Court.

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Colour of solidarity: purple or black. We will be handing out purple ribbons before the hearing.

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