My Body, My Choice

In response to the incidence on November 7, 2014 whereby a woman was stripped in Nairobi, CBD for wearing a miniskirt, we shall hold a peaceful procession from Uhuru Park to Accra Road (Nairobi) on Monday 17th November at 10am. We shall go and deliver a message to the touts who stripped our sister that it is wrong and a woman has a right to dress the way she wants.

We urge you and your daughters to join and support us. We will meet on Monday at 10am at Uhuru Park and march peacefully to Embassava. This is our chance to stand together as women and deliver a message to our country that sexual violence and violations of our bodily integrity and dignity will not be tolerated. 

In order for this to happen we need your help. Ways you can stand with us:
1. Show up and walk with us  – RSVP here (not necessary but useful for us)​
2. Tell your networks ​ – share with everyone​: we want thousands of women
​3. Sign the petition ​
​4. Help us in kind resources: printing t-shirts sponsorships etc. Whatever you can help with.
​5. A financial contribution. We need funds to buy t-shirts, pay for security, placards etc. even the smallest contribution counts. (Contributions to be sent to Ruth Kmaust 0701994107)
​6. Join us online – #MyBodyMyChoice and #StripMeNot – make noise! ​

All are welcome to this walk- support your sisters, daughters, mothers and wives – your fellow human beings!

Join us Monday at 10am! “
Naomi Mwaura

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

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