Call for papers for publication on the theme “Year of Women’s Empowerment and Development towards Africa’s Agenda 2063”

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Call for papers for publication on the theme
“Year of Women’s Empowerment and Development towards Africa’s Agenda 2063”

AU ECHO is published by the Directorate of Information and Communication of the African Union Commission during the ordinary summits of the African Union. At a time when Africa continues to face adverse publicity despite the many successes registered in different sectors, calls have often been made by the continent’s leaders for the active pronunciation of the continent’s progress, while not overlooking the challenges. The AU ECHO therefore provides a platform for member states of the African Union and African citizens to tell Africa’s story; and to impart and share knowledge and experiences in key programmes and initiatives of the AU. It focuses on the successes achieved by member states and African society in the implementation of decisions and programmes of the AU.

The AU ECHO is published in both print and online versions. Its topics are guided by the themes of the summits of the AU. The theme for the African Union summits for 2014 is “Year of Women’s Empowerment and Development towards Africa’s Agenda 2063”. Accordingly the AU ECHO will be accepting contributions on the progress that has been made in this respect on the African continent.

Women have traditionally played critical roles in African society. Gender equality flourished in ancient lands where women occupied positions of responsibility, for example, we had Queen Ann Nzinga of Angola, Makeda the Queen of Sheba in Ethiopia, Queen Ahmose-Nefertiti of Egypt, Mbuya Nehanda of Zimbabwe, Yaa Asantewa of the Ashanti Empire, Dahia Al-Kahina of Mauritania, Buktu of Mali and many, many other women that held very great responsibilities in our ancient civilisations.

The continent has taken many decisions towards gender parity. The Assembly of the African Union has demonstrated its commitment to gender equality by adopting important decisions which form the basis of the AU Gender architecture: i.e. the Constitutive Act, AU Protocol on Women’s Rights, Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality in Africa, Africa Women’s Decade, and the Fund for African Women.

Yet women still do not have equal access to opportunities and services.

This issue of the AU ECHO, to be published and distributed to Heads of State and other high level delegates at the January 2015 summit of the African Union, among other AU stakeholders therefore seeks evidence based articles on the progress that has been achieved in terms of women’s empowerment and development, especially at this time when the continent is in its first year of Agenda 2063. Contributions are being sought from organs and employees of the African Union, governments of member states, women’s organisations and institutions that promote women’s empowerment and development, who want to share their successful experiences as well as some of the challenges faced.

Submissions open: September 12 2014
Submissions close: November 10 2014
Languages: Articles for publication should be submitted in any of the AU languages i.e. English, French, Portuguese and Arabic
Distribution: The AU ECHO will be distributed to Heads of State and Government of the African Union and other delegates at their 24th Ordinary Summit in January 2015. Soft copies will be posted online soon after.
Copies will also be distributed to development partners, universities and civil society organisations.
Word count: Not more than 2000 words per article
Illustrations: Photographs and other illustrations that enhance the article are welcome, although these must be original to the author and be copyright free.

All submissions must contain the full name and address of the sender, his/ her organization and job title. Send your manuscript to the Chief Editor at with a copy to the Publishing Editor at

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