By Gotlhaloganyamang Phaladi
I am a woman of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
I am an active agent of change.
I represent hope where there is none or little.
I am a Pillar of Strength, Courage and Wisdom.
I am not simply a woman because of my gender,
but rather because of my innate ability to cope
and keep my head up in a time of adversity,
my exceptional ability to love and be loved,
a selfless community builder and leader and…
the cradle of the whole nation.
Look at me and acknowledge my presence.
Do not define me by what I have or who I know,
for before all that, I am and will continue to be a woman.
Respect me and do not belittle my dignity,
for I will return the gesture fairly.
I am neither the weakest nor the smallest.
But the toughest and the longest lasting.
I am not the most popularly known but I am the most reliable.
I am not the richest but the most self-sustained.
I am not a threat,
I am a catalyst and an active agent of change.
I will not be silenced, I will exercise my equal rights and freedoms.
I will challenge the status-quo.
I will be the change I want to see.
I am no longer to be the missing face.
I am no longer on the periphery.

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