Urge your National Government to Submit to UNFCCC Secreatariat Proposed Ways to Advance the Goal of Gender Balance

At its eighteenth session, the COP adopted a decision on promoting gender balance and improving the participation of women in UNFCCC negotiations and in the representation of Parties in bodies established pursuant to the Convention or the Kyoto Protocol. The decision can be found in the COP 18 report.
The COP requested Parties and observer organizations to submit to the secretariat their views on options and ways to advance the goal of gender balance in bodies established pursuant to the Convention and the Kyoto Protocol, in order to improve women’s participation and inform more effective climate change policy that addresses the needs of women and men equally. The deadline for these submissions is 2 September 2013.
Submissions by Parties, IGOs and NGOs that are received by the secretariat on different agenda items are posted on the UNFCCC website. As of 8th August 2013, the first country to have submitted is Iceland.
URGENT: Follow up with your national governments to urge them to submit their gender views and options to UNFCCC Secretariat by 2nd September.

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