One Billion Rising

Global Call to “Break the Chain” of Violence Against Women
By Kerubo Abuya

As a woman, a survivor of violence and a human rights activist with a focus on women’s and children’s rights, I participated in V-Day’s global One Billion Rising campaign last week, which aims to create a space of celebration while questioning the culture of violence against women like rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation and sex slavery.
It was wonderful to see people of all ages and races, creeds, colors, religions and ethnicities gather at Nairobi’s Central Park on Valentine’s Day to celebrate love for humanity and call for an end to violence against women.
Nairobi’s Arboretum Park-based DebeDebe Drum Circles and others rendered inspiring and uplifting rhythms that evoked a deep energy vibration enabling some of us to appreciate their percussionist artistry and mastery—a moment of spirited rhythmic solidarity with others around the world in alignment with V-Day founder Eve Ensler’s message: “Let’s rise and dance and change the world!”
Kenyan musician, Eric Wainaina’s “Mwananchi Mzalendo” and “Revolution Time,” so powerfully brought the moment home as Esther Passaris, aspirant for the Nairobi women’s representative position in Kenya’s upcoming general election pledged to address domestic violence issues with special attention to end violence against women and children. The dancers, roller skaters, Korogocho Grannies Karate team and others were entertaining and informational and most powerful were stories shared by participants for participating.
A little more detailed account on this global campaign can be accessed here.
Let us rise against all forms of violence. Peace and Love!

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