National Campaigns to Include Women in the Peace Process…

By Hannah Ondiek,
The NCIC has a campaign themed “early warning, early response” to conflict through the “Uwiano Platform for Peace” Uwiano, a Swahili word that connotes ‘cohesion’ is a conflict preventive strategy that provides space for a wide range of partners, actors and stakeholders to build synergy and leverage their efforts for conflict prevention and peace building in Kenya. It was quite interesting that when the moderator asked the very diverse audience how many had information on the Uwiano platform for peace, only a handful of participants knew about it. If educated people who are up to date with information knew nothing about it, how will the information reach the women at the grassroots who are adversely affected by violence? This was a challenge to the NCIC to do an extensive public awareness, sensitization and civic education.
The ‘Kenya Kwanza Campaign’Towards a Peaceful, Safe and Credible Elections in Kenya launched a one year national campaign whose specific objectives are to promote responsible citizenship by placing service before self, foster a national unity and identity by recognizing and respecting diversity and deliver peaceful elections. One main question is how and when this information will get to the general public? And who should be included in the process? Click here to sign the Kenya Kwanza Campaign charter and join the campaign.

Survivors speak out during the Africa UNiTE Campaign

The Africa UNiTE Campaign is the regional component of the United Nations Secretary General’s Global Campaign and a continent-wide partnership to end all violence against women and girls. The rationale for the Africa component of the SG’s Campaign on violence against women is rooted in the commitments made by African countries through ratification of various international and regional instruments that specify obligations for the elimination of violence against women. The ultimate goal of Africa UNiTE is to mobilize and support governments in fulfilling their commitments to end violence against women and girls. The Africa UNiTE, was launched on 30 January 2010 by the UN SG and the AUC Chairman and the Kenya Chapter will be launching on 14th – 15th November in Nairobi, Kenya. For more information Contact the Africa UNiTE Team or connect with the campaign on twitter: @africauniteke, the blog: and the facebook page:
“Women need to be at the centre of the peace process and not only at the periphery.” 
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