One on One: Janet Konah Momoh

Janet Konah Momoh represented Sierra Leone during the Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb that took place from March 5-9th as part of the Africa UNiTE Campaign to end violence against women & girls.
What are your initial thoughts having come back from Kilimanjaro?
The climb was such a wonderful one. The rugged and treacherous terrain, from the gate to where I stopped is an indication of our fight. It will not be smooth, it will in fact be very rugged. It will be very difficult but we need stamina to keep climbing. And the successes along the way, just as the flowers and the greenery will provide motivation to keep going. The fight ahead to end VAW is not an easy one, but with determination and inspiration, we will surely do it!
The organizers are so wise to have chosen Kilimanjaro. It was not an easy task. It requires commitment. We will do it. We can and we will!
What is your message to African Governments?
We must UNiTE to fight VAW/G. They must also remember it won’t be easy.
Janet gives a message of unity to end all forms of VAW:
And in Mende:

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