International Day of Tolerance & Peace

International Day of Tolerance and Peace
16th November, 2011
International Day of Tolerance and Peace was declared and initiated by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1996, to raise public awareness on the dangers of intolerance including its ramifications on maintaining peace.
This day is an opportunity to celebrate progress made throughout the year, and more importantly, highlight areas of concern so that action can be taken to make a world a more tolerant, and thus a more peaceful one. The world is today rife with conflict and unrest, much of it due to our highly intolerant nature. Rather than value diversity and the wealth that comes with it, differences become the starting point of disagreements, giving rise to discord, and at times, full-blown conflict. Although conflicts cannot simply be reduced to a matter of intolerance, it is certain that tolerance would play an essential role in preventing and mitigating conflict, and consequently promoting peace.
Our communities, nations, and continents are what they are due to the rich diversity found within be it in terms of culture, religion, history and/or politics.
As we commemorate this day, FEMNET would like to enhance tolerance among its staff, members, partners and the wider public by challenging each of us to examine our own prejudices and be more tolerant in our daily lives and in our everyday dealings. We often speak of passing legislation that is more favorable, however we often forget that laws are meaningless unless individuals take it upon themselves to change not only their attitudes, but also their behaviors. Let us make changes, one person at a time, so that the next generation will not be fighting the same battles that we are. So that they may say that the preceding generation left the world a bit better, more peaceful for them.
In commemoration of the International Day of Tolerance and Peace, FEMNET would like to wish you a peaceful day ahead.

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