Agnes Sadiki

The reign of Madam Agnès Sadiki at the helm of the Ministry of Transport in South Kivu, was characterized first and foremost by her commitment to serving the people. Madam Agnès demonstrated a high sense of responsibility and always has a hands-on approach to management. She was empathetic and worked closely with the most neglected and forgotten persons in the community including but not limited to the motorcyclists.  Madame Agnès Sadiki Nyabisoki served as Minister of Budget and was the first female government spokesperson in the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Kivu, in charge of relations with civil society between 2017 to 2019. She advocated for the government to have a gender-responsive budget, drawing from her training received from UN Women. She made a lasting impact on the management of the participatory budget of the state by introducing the principle of eligibility in decentralized territorial entities.

Bina  Maseno

Bina Maseno is the Executive Director of Badili Africa, and a 1st runner up for Ms. President Kenya 2022 Leadership competition for Ms. President – Nairobi County. She’s an experienced gender, governance and development advocate skilled in gender inclusivity, women’s economic empowerment and participation in political, and socio –economic processes, program management and curbing all forms of gender-based violence. Her journey as a transformative leader began at the age of 22 when she dared the patriarchal space by vying for political office as a Member of County Assembly. Birthed from the slums of Soweto and Kayole, Bina never let her challenges put her to a halt. She founded the Badili Africa Organization to empower young women and girls in Africa and beyond to challenge political leadership spaces.

Bina continues to champion for gender equality in the political space and she uses her voice to encourage and champion women’s participation in political and social-economic processes as well as actively participate in the broader discourse of governance as active citizens. Bina is a facilitator and speaker on matters leadership, economic empowerment, governance and gender equality. She’s a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and International relations from United States International University – Africa.

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