Strategic alliances and collective action are an important strategy for campaigns towards attaining sustainable system level gender justice and women’s rights. FEMNET will in this regard seek to contribute to establishment of an authoritative, robust, and diverse pan-African feminist network as a vehicle for advancing gender equality and women/ girls’ rights. We will work to ensure that we build a feminist movement that is resilient, visible and effective. Efforts will also be made towards making feminist spaces more accessible, safer, inclusive, and welcoming.


FEMNET’s work and success is dependent on the strength and efficacy of her members, WITH and THROUGH whom she co-creates change. The members in this regard play critical roles of advancing gender equality and women’s rights; constituency building; and advancing women and girls’ wellbeing. FEMNET will thus invest in strengthening and scaling the voice, power, and impact of the members; capitalizing on social intelligence to enhance collaboration.

Strategic Objective

Contribute to the establishment of an inclusive, authoritative, robust, and diverse pan African feminist network fostering the advancement of gender equality; women’s and girls’ rights.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Increased number and diversity of FEMNET members; have members in 55 African countries.
  2. FEMNET members effectively engage with/ influence institutions, policies and actions towards women and girls’ rights at national, regional, and global levels.
  3. Increased responsiveness of members to jointly agreed upon agenda and or emerging issues.
  4. Increased technical and institutional capacity of FEMNET members.


Click here to download/ read FEMNET’s Strategic Plan (2020 – 2029) Abridged Version

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