An inclusive, well-resourced, people-centered network with a soul, anchored in pan-African and feminist principles and practices. This focus area will seek to further strengthen FEMNET’s internal organization and consolidate her position as an effective and respected thought leader, opinion shaper, influencer.


This focus area is concerned with the ability of FEMNET to deliver this strategic plan effectively and efficiently. Strengthening the functional capacity of the Network is fundamental for this. Priorities for capacity development will among others include strengthening the functions of policy advocacy, strategic communication, membership liaison, strategic partnerships and resource mobilization.

Strategic Objective

Consolidate FEMNET into a diverse, well-resourced, people-centered network with a soul that is anchored in pan-African and feminist principles and values.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Increased adoption of the African Feminist charter of principles and policies by FEMNET’s secretariat staff, board and membership.
  2. A unified network with a collective vision, shared/ delated power, and mutual accountability to African women.
  3. Motivated and highly performing and effective staff driven by the values and ethos of pan-Africanism and feminism.
  4. Increased diversity and effectiveness of the FEMNET board membership.
  5. A people-centered organizational culture; safe and caring working environment.
  6. Increased diverse funding streams and a sustainable resource mobilization strategy.

Click here to download/ read FEMNET’s Strategic Plan (2020 – 2029) Abridged Version

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