FEMNET’s Safeguarding Policy is premised on the principle of zero tolerance toward all forms of sexual harassment and gender-based violence. The Policy applies to all staff (including consultants, mentees, volunteers), affiliates (including contractors, suppliers, vendors), FEMNET members (individuals and organizational) and the members of the Board of Directors – ALL are expected to maintain highest standards of the personal integrity and honest and to treat one another respectfully at all times, regardless of gender, sex, sexual orientation, ability, race, ethnicity and religion.

FEMNET’s Code of Conduct affirms our commitment to upholding fairness, integrity, honesty, professionalism and transparency in conducting all our internal and external affairs/operations and being responsive to preventing, detecting, reporting, investigating and remedying any misconduct in the workplace.

FEMNET is a Corruption-Free Zone and we are committed to ensuring that all our policies, procedures and practices are consistent with ethical practices and conduct. FEMNET defines corruption as the misuse of entrusted power for private gain and this include offering and receiving bribes, blackmail, embezzlement, conflict of interest and nepotism.

Feel free to share any information and/or report any concerns you may have about anyone or anything related to FEMNET by sending an email to speakup@femnet.or.ke. The email is monitored and reviewed by a committee comprised of a Programme/Management Staff, Admin & Human Resource staff, an Internal Safeguarding Board Adviser and an External Integrity Adviser.

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