Communications Assistant

Michelle Anzaya

Michelle Anzaya brings her passion for active and participatory communication to the forefront, with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Technical University of Mombasa. She has a solid educational foundation in the field and has seamlessly transitioned her knowledge into practical experience. Before joining FEMNET, Michelle was an actively practicing journalist accredited by the Media Council of Kenya and dedicated herself to journalism for a year, honing her skills in storytelling, news reporting, and communications.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Michelle is a creative content creator. She channels her creativity into producing captivating videos, engaging reels, and thought-provoking written blog articles. Her ability to craft compelling narratives and disseminate information effectively ensures her content not only informs but also inspires and entertains.

During her free time, Michelle indulges in her love for horror movies, finding enjoyment in the spine-tingling suspense and adrenaline rush they offer. Her multifaceted interests and talents make her a well-rounded contributor to our mission of advancing gender equality and women’s rights.

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