Climate Justice Assistant

Aileen Ajiwa

Ajiwa, the unstoppable force behind the Climate Justice program. With a bachelor’s degree in development studies under her belt, she’s embarked on an exhilarating journey from the world of macro and microeconomics in the trade sector to the thrilling realms of climate justice and gender justice.

Ajiwa’s heart is no longer confined to the cold calculations of statistics and the ebb and flow of market trends. Instead, it pulses with a burning passion for something far greater – the imperative call for sustainable development and the empowerment of women’s rights. In this challenging landscape, she stands as a beacon of hope and determination, working tirelessly to forge a more equitable and green future for all.

When she’s not busy changing the world, Ajiwa has a softer side. She finds solace in the pages of books that transport her to different worlds, immerses herself in the drama and emotion of movies, and savors those precious moments spent hanging out with her loyal canine companions.

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