Decolonizing The Internet East Africa – Podcast Ezin

Nearly 40 African feminists gathered for two days in Lusaka, Zambia, for Decolonizing the Internet East Africa (DTI-EA), a convening organized by Whose Knowledge? and The African Women’s Development and Communications Network (FEMNET), as a pre- event to #FIFAfrica2022.

Through the gathering, we reflected on the silencing of African knowledges online: Africa
contributes 1-2% to global knowledge production, and 85% of research on Africa is conducted outside Africa. Knowledge injustice is not accidental – it’s a consequence of colonialism and oppression.

Amongst the challenges outlined are:

  • Spoken languages not being reflected online
  • Poor or non-existent internet connections and infrastructures;
  • Stereotypes and discrimination offline that spill online

But some opportunities include learning from marginalised communities on the continent (like sex workers), creating code in different languages (like Swahili), and creating more feminist research by Africans for Africa. Telling our own stories in our way, centering Black, African history and feminism is how resistance and liberation begin. This podcast series was borne from the feminist fires lit in Lusaka and deepens these conversations in a fun, informal and engaging way.

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