From Addis to Action: GIMAC Ignites a Feminist Future

Across the vibrant buzz of education sweeping across the African Union space in Addis, a revolution stirs – not with weapons, but with textbooks and open minds. African women and girls- in all their diversities, seized the torch of education, igniting a fire of empowerment that refuses to be extinguished by rhetoric. The 40th Gender is My Agenda (GIMAC) served as a powerful platform, forging young feminists’ advocates into architects of change.  

FEMNET through the WE LEAD initiative that seeks to place rightsholders at the forefront of advocacy created an open space for African women in all their diversity to give their views on the GIMAC platform. 

Speaking during the advocacy training in Addis, Hadjara Harouna, young feminist from Niger, said, “Young women experience injustice and inequity, barriers that hinder our development, yet, as beneficiaries and agents of change, we demand a seat at the decision-making table.”  

Haruona a spoke passionately about the challenges faced by young women, particularly those striving for gender equality.  

Echoing the same view, Gloria Eboso, a Kenyan activist said, “Education unlocks opportunities, improves lives, and empowers women to break the cycle of poverty.”  

Eboso firmly believes that African governments need to accommodate African girls and women in all their capacities back to the classrooms to learn and unlearn. 

Additionally, Sílvia Mahumane, from Mozambique, reiterated this call, lamenting the limited access to resources and decision-making platforms for young activists in her country. Yet, she found inspiration in the experiences of others. “Learning how young parliamentarians in other countries are educating communities, advocating for equality, and holding governments accountable ignited a spark within me,” she shared.  

The 40th GIMAC training wasn’t just a workshop, it was a symphony of resilience. While there were echoes of hardship and struggle, they were drowned out by the booming chorus of ingenuity, sisterhood, and an unwavering yearning for a just future. 

Dr. Asfour Amany, FEMNET’s chair, resonated with this spirit. Her presence in Addis Ababa served as a powerful reminder that empowering young women is not just an option, it’s the fuel for Africa’s transformation. 

Beyond training sessions, GIMAC 2024 became a platform for transformation. It was a testament to a feminist movement fueled by the belief that education isn’t just a right, it’s a weapon. A weapon to dismantle the patriarchy, build inclusive societies, and unlock the limitless potential of every woman and girl. 

The road ahead may be long and winding, but the journey has begun. Led by a generation of young women who refuse to be silenced, their voices reverberate across the continent, inspiring the world with their courage and igniting a beacon of hope for a brighter future 

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