COP 28 – October & November 2023 eBulletin

We are delighted to present our latest E-Bulletin for the months of October & November thoughtfully prepared to ensure you are well-informed and engaged with the activities within our network and movement. This edition brings together a wealth of content that offers insights into our core initiatives during this period, highlights progress in key areas, provides a calendar of important dates to remember, and presents a curated list of upcoming events. Additionally, we have compiled a few e-resources for your reference/ reading. As always, we highly value your feedback and encourage you to reach out to us at for any comments, clarifications, input, or questions. Together, let us continue to nurture an environment of active engagement and knowledge sharing. Stay connected, stay informed!

COP 28

Loss and Damage, Human Rights & State and Corporate Accountability

Grounded in the analysis of social movements, grassroots women & frontline communities, the panel at the COP 28 UAE dissected the root causes of climate, gender and economic injustice, addressing loss and damage with focus on funding arrangements and clarifing the human rights obligations of States and ccorporations. Click on this link to watch.

Climate Summit Ignores Women’s Health: A Call to Action from the Frontlines- Dear Life Podcast

Beryl Ringos sits down with Memory Kachambwa, the powerhouse executive director of Femnet, for a conversation straight from the COP28 session in Dubai. Click on this link to listen to the insightful chat about women taking the lead on climate action and health!

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This E-Bulletin has been produced with the financial support of FEMNET’s development partners including the Embassy of Sweden in Lusaka, Zambia and the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of FEMNET and do not necessarily reflect the views of our development partners’.

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