Qualitative study on the impact of COVID-19 on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of women & girls in Africa

Introduction: The study was commissioned under the Advancing African Women’s Human Rights to their Bodily Autonomy and Integrity through ensuring that African Governments fulfill their Obligations and Commitments on SRHR implemented by FEMNET with support from the SIDA- Bodily Autonomy and Integrity program is a 4-year project (2017-2021) in 6 countries (Tanzania, Mozambique, Liberia, Guinea, and Zambia). The Project aims to accelerate state reporting on ending and eradicating FGM, early child marriages, and harmful practices in Liberia, Mozambique, and Zambia through its implementing partners in the countries to help them in tracking their country’s Commitments made by the various governments and stakeholders to improve domestication of regional and global women’s rights instruments and budgetary allocation to realize SRHR policy commitments by government in their target countries.

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