FGM/C Advocacy Toolkit

Female Genital Mutilation/Cut (FGM/C) still remains widespread in many parts of the world with Africa being one of the regions where FGM/C continues despite efforts to eradicate the practice. On the weight of various literature, the prevalence of FGM/C varies significantly from country to country, from near universal 98 percent in Somalia; 94% in Guinea and 87.2% in Egypt, to 21% in Kenya and 2% in Niger.

In all these countries, FGM/C is deeply entrenched in tradition, culture and religion which is overseen by authority figures accepted and respected in society such as community leaders, traditional leaders and religious leaders. It is in this context that African Women’s Development Network (FEMNET) through United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Spotlight Initiative is implementing an FGM/C Project in Kenya, Somalia, Egypt, Niger, and Guinea. The project seeks to engage young girls and women, in girls’ activism, training, solidarity actions, online and media campaigns. This practical guide is intended for advocates working to stop the practice of FGM/C. Its objective is informed by the African Feminist Charter to assist advocates in their efforts to end patriarchy.

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