I Plead to Know!!!

My blood runs like water and oils refusing to stick,
Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, I still don’t know because my knowledge is too thick,
For I ask where are the mentors?
African States, the UN agencies? They don’t switch and twitch and make the decision of which,
Which part of me belongs today,
Which aspect of my personality will they defend the least and bleed the most and work and succeed and bury the lead,.
Because the Sexual Reproductive Health Rights is all I need!
I plead to knowww!!!
My mom asks me if I am alright!!!
I say of course I am fine, why do you ask?
Don’t mind this, its just my mask,
It hides the grief, it hides the strife,
I wear this mask to escape the knife
My mom asks me, are you okay?!
I say of course I am okay, he told me not to say,
For a cent he didn’t pay, and out he took his way,
Now I am pregnant, I couldn’t even fight,
It was all irrelevant, for the knowledge of having a baby, I had no light!!
I plead to knowww!!!
There I was,, standing shameful in my classroom,
There were boys on the left,
There were girls on the right,
Blood departed in my skirt to give away,
Laughter and hurtful words, all the students could say,
I can ruin my entire identity in an hour,
Because where there  are roots there is power but i’m the top soil,
And I skip and jump and dance and fall between the things I’ve never seen ,
I knew nothing about the menstrual hygiene.
I plead to knowww!!!
1.2 billions of teens makeup 16% of the world’s population,
More than 20 million of girls have unmeet  needs of contraception,
3.9 millions risk their lives every year undergoing unsafe abortions,
And until now, no one knows the solution
I plead to knowww!!!
Comprehensive sexuality education is still not awake,
The ones existing haven’t heard our heartaches,
I plead to knowww!!!
What we are scared to show,
For I wish you could know,
What we don’t know too well,
For I wish you could tell,
The things that we fear
For I wish you could hear

I plead to knowww!!!

By Doricas Kinyonga, Tanzania, 🇹🇿
Teenage Girl.

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