My North is the South

Today is Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday Anniversary.

Salud to each and all of you. My name is Marta, I am from El Salvador. In my compass, to look for the real and right direction, and for real solutions, not false ones, my north is the south. Today is the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr, We are still about the dream.

From where I sit, I see and read the signs – and beyond the very grave, major and global  existing crises, which are there and getting worse, the racists attacks, the economic and oil wars, the migration issues the world over, the number of wars is increasing.. and with the situation and the response to what happened in Paris.. I see that it is cold war all over, but worse, and  much more dangerous–

Please do remember this: when the elephants and their “little” elephants fight.. the grass suffers.. and who is the grass? Are they not the billions of peoples who are wrongly referred to as the poor, marginalized, vulnerable, voiceless, invisible?  etc. etc.. ? Is it not for all peoples and especially for the billions generally excluded that the MDGs, SDGs are to be created and really work for? This is what  the UN Secretary General in his synthesis report called  “The Road to Dignity by 2030: Ending Poverty by 2030.. so dignity, decent, meaningful life for all, which we must acknowledge depends on  prioritizing the Care of the Planet.
Effective work is needed, transformation from the bottom up, from personal and home,  to local communities to the global.  We need to press the administration of government at all levels,  to implement all that would guarantee the care of planet and peoples, this is every day, always and all ways.. week by week, the whole year,  year after year.
Let us be about it.
-Marta Benavides
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