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Dear fellow african, dear friend
You are one of the people that I know that is compassionate beyond the position that you hold or the work that you do. Your organization may or may not be working directly on Ebola, but i am sure that first as a person, second as an african and third as a development practitioner, you care about what is happening in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea as well as beyond.
I have felt powerless in front of the increasingly scary reports of the spread of the disease and the struggle that the people, organizations and governments in these three countries are facing in containing it. I looked for a way in which i who is neither a health professional, nor a person living in these countries could help. When i found no way to contribute, my colleagues and i decided to create it with the help of many people including Paulo Gomes, Ecobank, videographer Bruno Demeocq, Photographer Mamadou Gomis, friends, people on the street, and others that are too many to mention; after a careful search of national organizations that we could support, going through a due diligence process, agreeing on transparency and accountability measures with recipient organizations, we have have finally launched the Give Against Ebola campaign last week.
The Give Against Ebola campaign ( is a call to all Africans and others do give as little or as much as they can to national organizations working to stop the spread of Ebola. It is also about asking everyone we know to do the same, about getting our colleagues, our institutions, our communities involved.
If you choose to step in and support, here are three things you can do:
Rapid Transfer: Walk into any Ecobank and send a Rapid Transfer to the three organizations. Ecobank will give all sending fees back to the organizations.
Public Health Initiative Liberia – Give Against Ebola 002101472431001
COFFIG – Donne Contre Ebola 0040294615407701
50/50 Group – Give Against Ebola -00110843541502
Wire Transfer: From the comfort of your home, in front of your computer please do a wire transfer to these accounts. Again Ecobank has waived all fees on these accounts on the receiving end.
Ask your colleagues and/or organization to make a donation. Your organization can encourage staff to give individually and match staff donations, or make an institutional gift. We can send you all the materials you will need to structure the conversation with people. Please make it clear that no amount is too little. Every little helps. If all people can give is $1 each, it is already $1 more than there is today. Events are a great way to get to work in solidarity, talk to others about the disease and preventative measures. If you do organize an event, or a meeting about the campaign, please remember to take pictures and post on the Facebook page or send it to us.
Doing any one of these things will take only a few minutes of your time. A few minutes that could help save lives, contain a global threat, and help nation that are asking for help.
I really hope you will find it worth your time and your resources to support this initiative. Feel free to write, call, text with your comments, questions, critiques or clarifications.
Thank you,

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