CALL FOR GLOBAL WEEK OF ACTION October 11-18th #BringBackOurGirls NOW and ALIVE!

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October 14, 2014 makes it exactly six (6) months since 276 girls were abducted by the Boko Haram  sect  from their  school  – Government  Secondary  School,  Chibok,  Borno  State, Nigeria. The Boko Haram Sect  leader claimed responsibility for the mass kidnappings in a video where he informed the world that he plans to sell the girls into slavery. Till date, not one girl has been rescued, save for 57 girls who escaped on their own, while 219 girls still remain in captivity.
As the United Nations marks the International Day of the Girl Child on 11th October, we, the #BringBackOurGirls movement and the families of the abducted girls, are calling for a Global Week of  Action from 11th to 18th October 2014, to mobilize everyone around the world to demand for the immediate rescue of our Chibok girls and end this humanitarian tragedy.
It is undeniably apt that this year’s theme for United Nations International Day of the Girl Child: Empowering Adolescent Girls: Ending The Circle of Violence, coincides with this period when we all are still agitating for the immediate release of our innocent Chibok girls who are victims of the violence being perpetrated by the Boko Haram sect in Nigeria. These are adolescent girls who, against all odds, sought education in order to be empowered in their bid to become responsible leaders of the society. Our world must not forget them.
How can the world move on without 219 promising young women whose zeal for education should be an example for girls everywhere in the world. We cannot afford for girls and parents anywhere in the world to be forced to choose between education and personal safety.
We therefore make this global call to all political leaders, the United Nations, civil society groups, religious leaders, development partners, celebrities and all well-meaning individuals to come out en-masse during this Global Week of Action and raise their voices to demand renewed actions for the immediate rescue of our Chibok girls. We ask that various on-the- ground  activities  and  the  social  media  be  used  to  show  support  and  solidarity  for #ChibokGirls
We wish to further call on the Nigerian government and other Governments lending support to the rescue operation to intensify any actions already being taken to achieve quick result of the immediate rescue of the Chibok girls.
We encourage friends of our #chibokgirls around the world to hold vigils in Communities; and where possible at Nigerian Embassies in your countries. Please help spread the message to pupils and students in schools; To people at churches, mosques, and temples! Please call on your leaders to do everything possible to help #BringBackOurGirls NOW and ALIVE!!!
1.  Reverend Enoch Mark – parent of two girls in captivity
2.  Pindar Dibla – parent of a girl in captivity
3.  Ishaya Abana – parent of a girl in captivity
4.  Emmanuel Mutah – parent of a girl in captivity
5.  Ishaya Benawi – parent of a girl in captivity
6.  Oby Ezekwesili – co-convener []
7.  Maryam Uwais – co-convener []
8.  Hadiza Bala Usman – co-convener []
9.  Saudatu Mahdi – co-convener []
10. Jibrin Ibrahim –
11. Aisha Oyebode –
12. Betty Akeredolu –
13. Mojubaolu Olufunke Okome –
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