Indecent Dress

By Mallah Tabot 
Cameron’s Minister of Women’s Empowerment and the Family says young girls should stop indecent dressing so as to avoid sexual violence.
Here’s the thing. Rape and other forms of sexual violence have never been about dressing or decency. It is about power and control. And the way a woman dresses should never be a man’s excuse for abusing her sexually. Never. Plus if rape were about indecent dressing, women in the Middle East would never be victims. But we all know what happens there daily.
It is a terrible thing to instill in men’s heads that it is okay to sexually abuse a woman because she didn’t dress right.
So here’s my point. Educate girls about the importance of appropriate dressing codes-that’s fine by me. But to link indecent dressing to sexual violence is giving perpetrators of this form of violence a strong backing to keep going, and as a minster of women’s empowerment, that is totally unacceptable!!

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