Shaping Our Collective Futures – Call for Abstracts

AWJ Image“Shaping Our Collective Futures: Agenda 2063, ICPD+20 & Post 2015
The African Women’s Journal Issue 7: July – December 2013
Much of the global development in the past decade and a half has been pegged on the Millennium Development Goals that came to be in 2000 with an expiry date of 2015. As 2015 approaches, efforts are underway to shape a global development agenda – the Post 2015 agenda – one meant to be inclusive, consultative and participatory. This agenda also encompasses work around the proposed Sustainable Development Goals, which emerged from Rio+20. Review of 20 years of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD+20), perhaps the most comprehensive global approach to sexual and reproductive health and rights, is also underway. In an unfriendly environment, will the review propel us forward, or will it have us reversing gains made 20 years prior in Cairo? As the world deliberates on these agendas, Africa is keen to shape her own – dubbed Agenda 2063. In 50 years, what kind of Africa can we envision, and then proceed to achieve?
What is the world that we want? Not only for ourselves, but for our children, and their children’s children (if we choose to have them). What are our non-negotiables? What agenda will see us truly transforming the worlds in which we live? What would it take to realize our visions? What factors will enable us not simply to survive, but to thrive?
The seventh and special edition of the African Women’s Journal will seek to address such issues. Submissions are particularly encouraged from communities whose voices have often been silenced, including, but not limited to: those living with disabilities, pastoralist communities, slum dwellers, rural, indigenous, religious or ethnic minorities.
For those interested to submit articles, kindly send an ABSTRACT of your article by Friday, September 13th, 2013 to copying The abstract should be written in English or French and must not be more than 200 words.
You will be notified if your abstract has been selected. Only writers with selected abstracts will be asked to submit a full article, which must be written in English or French and should be between 1,000 to 1,500 words. The article needs to be well researched with clear referencing. Deadline for submission of FULL ARTICLE will be 4th October, 2013.
Please note the following key deadlines:
Abstract should be submitted by 13th September, 2013
Full Article should be submitted by 4th October, 2013
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